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I Know People Call Me Crazy, But…

Some days in the life of a developer are a rabbit hole, especially rainy saturdays, for some reason. This following story will be utter gibberish to non developers or people who haven’t followed the news about Apple’s new language: Swift. You have been warned and are still reading? Gosh, ok, I guess I have to […]

[Rant] Collaboration on Code

It so happens that we just found a bug that plagued us for 6 months, in the form of a commit that ignored completely the existing code in favor of a copy/paste from an internet source (I assume). Now, let’s get one thing out first. I really really don’t mind having stack overflow code in […]

CoreData, iCloud, And “Failure”

CoreData is a very sensitive topic. Here and elsewhere, it’s a recurrent theme. Just last week I had a hair-pulling problem with it that was solved in a ridiculous manner. I’ll document it later for future reference. This week, triggered by an article on the verge, the spotlight came once again on the difficulties of […]

The Joy Of Dependencies

Whether on our favorite UNIX flavor, or on our projects, we are pretty much all dreading the time when we have to update the dependencies. What will be broken? How long will it take? How many platforms/users will we have to leave hanging? We obviously depend on a number of libraries and pieces of code […]

Wall? What Wall?

The excellent Mike Lee (@bmf on twitter) has a hilarious way of handling theoretical problems: he ignores them to solve them. In a case of life imitating art imitating life, programmer Mike Lee explained his writing a solution to the halting problem, with the simple explanation that, lacking a formal education in computer science, he […]

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