Script Kiddies

grep -r wp-login /var/log/http/ | grep 404 | wc -l

That's the amount of requests to brute-force a login/password (with automatic banning rules on the IP after 5 404s on any request that contains the word login, thanks failban) since I've put up the new blog thing, a little less than 3 months ago.

That's more than 120 attempts per day.

Is that blog popular? no. Is that server critical to some widely used service? no. Is there a risk? probably, but I have a past in that domain and I like to think I take more precautions than most ( now I'm gonna get hit hard for sure... ).

Why do I react about it then?

Because brute-forcing is a stupid way to hack into things, takes a lot of resources and time (even if the effort to code such a brute force attack is minimal). It's lazy, with a very low probability of working. So, why is such an uninteresting target under a constant barrage of stupid attempts?

Because sometimes, it works. The only reason why you would have (and presumably pay for) a bunch of machines to use up so much resources doing something that dumb, is that you hit paydirt a large enough number of times to make it worth it.

It says more about the general state of server security than about the relative intelligence of people trying to break that security, and it's chilling.