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Planning defeat

Today’s cryptogram letter by Bruce Schneier contains a very interesting piece on digital eavesdropping capabilities and how governments put pressure on manufacturers through new laws to integrate surveillance systems in end-user products. Planning a back door in your product is kind of like putting a self destruct mechanism on a plane. Now, not only do […]

Useless security

Security this, security that… Lately, most of the new rules, laws, or software features include somewhere in their description the word “security”. Trouble is, most of the time, it’s not about security, but rather stability and/or bullying. I have two examples that make me wonder if anyone other than me reads Bruce Schneier’s blog. A […]

Another go at electronic voting machines

A few weeks ago, this pdf (pdf deleted – was titled “Stop the Presses: How Paper Trails Fail to Secure e-Voting”) was released by this group. I’ll spare you the details, but in essence, they say that printing a paper ballot to verify an electronic vote is at best useless, and at worst counter-productive. Their […]

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