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[Ouch] The Joy Of Migration

So, out of the blue, and to escape from a dickish choke hold on my public facing infrastructure, I decided to switch back to administrating my own installation on a VPS… First off, you think you are good at system administration when you have a lil server at home that has been running since forever […]

[Xcode] Broken IPA Generation

As of Xcode 6.0.1, you can only generate an IPA with a certificate/provisionning profile pair that matches a team you are part of (it offers only choices present in your Accounts preference pane). Before ranting about why this this is stupid as hell, here’s a workaround: xcrun -sdk iphoneos PackageApplication [path to the .app] -v […]

Rule Of Thumb

Principles, rules and laws are essentially the same thing. I won’t bother you with a paraphrasing of my recent reading list, which includes Plato, Kepler and Douglas Adams, but for a freelancer, it’s important to differentiate what is what, especially for the Other Guy. A principle is a lighthouse on the horizon, and it’s OK […]

Popularity Contest

A lot’s happened recently, triggering a lot of discussions as to who we are perceived to be. As I was thinking about social networks, I also took some time to upgrade this website’s log analyzer. I have switched to Piwik, for various reasons: it’s not too heavy on resources it’s capable of loading statistics offline […]

[ZinoAward] Best misapplied technology: the remanence clock

I’m pretty damn sure the people who invented that clock didn’t think of it as the most efficient bug-swatting device out there. First thing first: What Is It? This clock is based on the same principle as movies: your eyes retain any image image for a few micro-seconds, so any frequency above a certain threshold […]

The State I Am In

(I hope Belle and Sebastian will forgive me for using one of their wonderful titles for a less interesting piece of mine!) A month ago, I turned 30. And since everybody told me that it would trigger in me a phase of reflection back on my life, and more importantly where I would go from […]

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