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[WWDC14] Thoughts

I won’t go into details, the WWDC keynote has been covered far and wide. New Look : √ New APIs : √ New ways to do old things : √ New Language : errrrr √ Response among the community was unanimous, this is xmas come early. And it’s true that for us developers, there a […]

Kafka Had It Right

For people who like a twisty and completely unbelievable — and nevertheless absolutely true, I can prove it — story: Last saturday, I got my credit card stolen. Between that time and the moment I could reach my bank to cancel the card, the thieves managed to empty my bank account to the very last […]

Blender Memory

(this shot is when I quit the application, hence the relatively low count… it was freeing memory) One word: impressive. 100 000 blades of grass + 20 000 particles of smoke on a 30 000 polys model (with a bit of subsurfacing) It actually climbed to 3GB of RM / 16GB of virtual memory but […]

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