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One For The Money, Two For The Show,…

WWDC is just around the corner, featuring some 10.8 (dubbed “Mountain Lion”) excitement, maybe some iOS 6 news, and possibly some hardware upgrades, although I have my doubts about cluttering the developer conference with hardware announcements. But since it’s coming I decided to have a glance at Mountain Lion, to be at least able to […]

The Modal Panel

I’m still in the wonderful world of export plugins for Aperture/iPhoto. There is one thing that took some time to figure out: the Modal Panel Conundrum. Basically, here’s the problem: when you make a plugin for these applications, you don’t own the window. The application expects you to hand over a view and will integrate […]

Highlight 1.5

It’s been a long time since I’ve updated Highlight, but since I’ve added feature now and again upon requests (including arrows on lines, Snow Leopard support, and a bunch of other things that I forget), I have decided to release the 1.5 version with all these goodies in. Check it out, and comment, if you […]

Aperture SDK and NSTableView

Problem: Making a plugin for Aperture in which I have a table containing a series of on/off values Problem: The On/Off values are actually not “On” and “Off” but vary from line to line Problem: Although I’m probably the last person running an OS X 10.4 as operational system, the Aperture SDK is 10.4 Problem: […]

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