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While making RemoteTickets, I had to depend heavily on NSURL. For some reason, it didn’t work with Dam’s RT system. After a couple hours of debugging, here’s the thing: NSURL doesn’t work as expected. URLWithString:relativeToURL: Creates and returns an NSURL object initialized with a base URL and a relative string. + (id)URLWithString:(NSString *)URLString relativeToURL:(NSURL *)baseURL […]

Regarding the AppStore for iPhone/iPod Touch

I was reading John Gruber’s piece on Opera Mini, and although, as usual, John is pretty thorough with his analysis, the last sentence made me jump. Again, though, just because an app doesn’t violate the rules doesn’t mean Apple will accept it. It kind of invalidates everything everybody says or writes about the AppStore. And […]

Please don’t guesstimate me

It so happens that I load google’s webpage from a clean user account. Now this account has US locale, and is set to english throughout the system. Then why in hell does google think I want the page displayed in french? For some reason, based on the fact that my IP matches a french ISP, […]

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