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Be Original, Like Everybody Else

You come to be because you want to have something everybody else has, but to “exist” you need to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Said like this, it seems oxymoronic. There used to be a few reasons why someone would write an application: It did something no other application could do It took an existing […]

The Middleman

Listening to the whole Readability vs Instapaper vs AdBlockers vs The Rest Of The World, from what I can gather, the whole thing is about the role of a middleman. In that particular instance, the people angry at Readability insist on the fact that they ask you to pay for a service that most of […]

Switching to Freelancing

Lately, I’ve seen a lot of people switching careers: some freelancers (or free-spirited people in the head anyway) accepted jobs as file-and-rank for big companies, some have switched between big companies, and some so desperately wanted to go their merry way that they did everything and anything that was in their power to get fired. […]

The Joys of Payment

One of the hard things to do when you freelance is the whole management/accounting stuff. Since you love your job and are your own boss, there’s no one to yell at you if you let things slip, and no one to take over the boring tasks you don’t really have time to take care of. […]

I’m not from Eastern Europe

This remark applies to two different questions I get a lot. 1/ Yes I do have a Russian name. No I’m not Russian. My great-grandfather was. Sorry folks, but family names don’t mean anything anymore… Just for the sake of information, my family roots extend across almost the whole of Europe (Ukraine and Western Russia […]

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