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Web Services And Data Exchange

I may not write web code for a living (not much backend certainly and definitely no front-end stuff, as you can see around here), but interacting with webservices to the point of sometimes having to “fix” or “enhance” them? Often enough to have an Opinion. There is a very strong divide between web development and […]

The Bane Of Reality

Fiction is not enough. Apparently the masses want reality. The superheroes and master spies have to be explained and “fit in” the real world (by the way, thanks to the people who did Iron Sky, it was a breather of absurdity and laughter). In software terms, it gave us (rolling drums) skeuomorphism, the art to […]

More Isn’t Better

The high tech world we live in generates some really high tech expectations. Whether it’s needed or not, we see countless “features” and “upgrades” being thrown at us, causing for the most part more confusion than anything else. If there is a lesson the humongous sales of iPads hasn’t taught our beloved decision makers, it’s […]

Sectar Wars II : Revenge Of The Lingo

Every so often, you get a tremor of a starting troll whenever you express either congratulations or displeasure at a specific SDK, language, or platform. Back in the days where people developing for Apple’s platforms were very very few (yea, I know, it was all a misunderstanding), I would get scorned at for not having […]

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