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[Xcode] IPA Generation Broken, Again

It happened before and shall happen again: xcrun PackageApplication doesn’t work anymore. The whole process isn’t meant for contractors Let’s face it, Xcode is getting better at the coding part, but the signature / IPA generation is “streamlined” for the App Store, which in turn is under a lot of assumptions that I’ve mentioned here […]

[Xcode] Broken IPA Generation

As of Xcode 6.0.1, you can only generate an IPA with a certificate/provisionning profile pair that matches a team you are part of (it offers only choices present in your Accounts preference pane). Before ranting about why this this is stupid as hell, here’s a workaround: xcrun -sdk iphoneos PackageApplication [path to the .app] -v […]


Now that I’m almost done with my despaghettification, and for reasons that will become obvious as you read on, I’m kind of wondering about teamwork. I’ve had good and bad relationships, projects that made it through despite the huge odds (think “organizing events”) or projects that went down the drain pretty fast for unforeseen reasons. […]

The State I Am In

(I hope Belle and Sebastian will forgive me for using one of their wonderful titles for a less interesting piece of mine!) A month ago, I turned 30. And since everybody told me that it would trigger in me a phase of reflection back on my life, and more importantly where I would go from […]

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