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[CoreData] Honey, I Shrunk The Integers

Back in the blissful days of iOS4, the size you assigned to ints in you model was blissfully ignored: in the SQLite backend, there are only two sizes anyway – 32bits or 64bits. So, even if you had Integer16 fields in your model, they would be represented as Integer32 internally anyway. Obviously, that’s a bug: […]

iPad’s Initial Orientation Issues

Last week, I had to make an iPad application with 3 viewcontrollers’ views in the window. It’s an unofficial convention that you should have only ONE view controller at the root level, and then all the other controllers should be descendants of this one. Then the orientation, transformations and the rest is passed along the […]


While making RemoteTickets, I had to depend heavily on NSURL. For some reason, it didn’t work with Dam’s RT system. After a couple hours of debugging, here’s the thing: NSURL doesn’t work as expected. URLWithString:relativeToURL: Creates and returns an NSURL object initialized with a base URL and a relative string. + (id)URLWithString:(NSString *)URLString relativeToURL:(NSURL *)baseURL […]


This project is not secret anymore… For years now I have been using RT (from bestpractical) to track bugs/issues/ideas with my various projects. I like the simplicity of it, and I like the fact that it’s email- and web- editable. With the huge number of things I had to track, and their somewhat urgent nature, […]

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