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Failed Oracle

I (sometimes) write stuff here because I find some stuff fascinating, or ground-breaking or weird. More often than not, I tend to express some kind of prophecy, because who doesn’t look at the future and make some bets, right? Well, I apparently suck at it. Apple TV A decade ago, I wrote that I was […]

One For The Money, Two For The Show,…

WWDC is just around the corner, featuring some 10.8 (dubbed “Mountain Lion”) excitement, maybe some iOS 6 news, and possibly some hardware upgrades, although I have my doubts about cluttering the developer conference with hardware announcements. But since it’s coming I decided to have a glance at Mountain Lion, to be at least able to […]

The love of old stuff

By now, if you don’t know I like having old computer gear lying around and keeping it up and running, you don’t know me very well. It so happens that my main file server at home is my old’n trusty G5 (dual 2.0Ghz and 4GB of RAM, top o’the range back in the day), running […]

Regarding the AppStore for iPhone/iPod Touch

I was reading John Gruber’s piece on Opera Mini, and although, as usual, John is pretty thorough with his analysis, the last sentence made me jump. Again, though, just because an app doesn’t violate the rules doesn’t mean Apple will accept it. It kind of invalidates everything everybody says or writes about the AppStore. And […]

Another year…

Apple Expo 2007 is finally over. All in all it was a pretty good show, at least from an exhibitor’s point of view. I don’t really know why, but the whole organization seemed… quiet, this year. Booths were up and ready on time, electricity as well, network too… The organization staff was quite relaxed and […]

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