OCaml ❤️

From this page:

This project allows to run OCaml programs on PIC microcontrollers.

What a blast from the past. Emmanuel Chailloux (credited as the "meta-supervisor") was my advisor on my CS master's degree, back when I did "industrial" coding (C, Java and Objective-C) during nights, and "fun" research coding in OCaml during days.

Over the past years (decades, who am I kidding?), I've seen the language go from vaguely obscure academic torture device for CS students to the de-facto standard for certain types of developments (including Facebook's Messenger), and I use it as an counter example to my own students' "but you're teaching us something we'll never use in real life" kind of objections.

And now, people may start thinking it's a good tool to assail one of the last bastions of "but code should look like the machine executes it", PIC programming. So cool.

More programming languages, more ways to look at a problem, more varied solutions.