AI (🙄) For Developers

From VentureBeat,  " wants to democratize software development using AI"

You don’t need to know the underlying technologies (React, SQL, AWS,  ElasticSearch, jQuery, and so on), just a little JSON and JavaScript. No  development tools are required — you can build an app right from your  browser.

Ah the old pipe dream of the --do-what-I-want-not-what-I-write compiler option... 🧐

Privacy and security are built right in.

Immediately followed by

Anyone can also see the code of a app (but not’s code).

Because security-by-obscurity has always been the demonstrably better security model. But hey, you will never need to debug anyway, because the "AI" will update your code automatically in the background whenever a security risk is found or a logic bug is discovered, right? 😱

For example, a Slack alternative on counts 50 lines of code, a  mini search engine is 75 lines of code, and a social network is 150  lines of code.

Yes, because even though there are hundreds of each kind out there, that's obviously what people want to make, not the Next Big Thing that doesn't exist yet and therefore can't be learned by any model. 🤔