It's Not Me, It's You

Nothing new, people will do very distasteful things to track you

That said, it's in a state I feel you can confirm the script works as  advertised: it tracks the user on the site, and it sends performance  data as per the above information.

I have several problems with the JavaScript language itself, but they are linked to a bias I acquired in my CS degree: I like to have my code legible, and reproducible. JS doesn't satisfy that one bit, although recent efforts in normalization (ES) and evolutions (TypeScript) do reassure me I'm not the only dinosaur around.

What really bothers me is that this messy and arcane language (how many of you JS "fans" know how it works under the hood, or how to guarantee formally anything written in it?) is silently run on every webpage there is. You load an innocuous kitten laden website, and a ton of invisible code is run to track, exploit, or mislead you. Fan-ta-stic.