[TDIH] The Battle Of Britain Ends

On October 31 1940, the Nazi army decides to end their attempt at extending their Blitzkrieg to the British Isles. A good chunk of the continent has been forcefully occupied, but crossing the strait between France and Great Britain has proven more complex than just rolling over everyone with tanks.

This was purely an air campaign, the idea being to at the very least bomb the British people into sitting out the rest of the war, freeing up a potential front to defend. The valiant efforts of the RAF, combined with the inability of the Luftwaffe to destroy the anti-air defenses, foiled that plan, forcing the Germans to envision a potential boat crossing and landing. But the British Navy and the RAF were too formidable a combination to be brash about that last ditch effort, and other fronts were opening up, so that plan never came to fruition.


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