[TDIH] Don Giovanni Debut

On October 29, 1787, the first performance of Don Giovanni is performed in Prague. Mozart has been working on it since earlier that year, and it has changed score and ordhestration several times, which is somewhat uncharacteristic of Amadeus.

Don Juan (or Don Giovanni) is a darker story in this version than most: the famous seducer (and also sexual predator / rapist) starts off by killing the Commendatore, the father of one of his victims, in a duel, then wanders around trying to “seduce” (or actually rape, most of the times) the fiancée of another man, being thwarted at every turn by the fantastical amount of enemies he has made, and finally gets dragged to Hell by the ghost of the Commendatore, animating his own graveyard statue. Yikes.


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