[Ouch] The Joy Of Migration

So, out of the blue, and to escape from a dickish choke hold on my public facing infrastructure, I decided to switch back to administrating my own installation on a VPS…

First off, you think you are good at system administration when you have a lil server at home that has been running since forever and that you maintain, right? Wrong. Installing a production server from scratch is a totally different thing. You do not have the luxury of your comfortable habits and scripts that work just so on your tiny little environment. Everything has to be re-thought, as well as re-configured.

Private-facing daemons have to be secured (less than 4h after the original installation, I already had 3 script kiddies trying to brute-force my root password… seriously), everything has to be hooked up to talk to each other, some wanting to talk to localhost, others to the public facing IP address…

And then, you start setting apache up. Yes, I use apache rather than nginx. Sorry. I happen to know my way around apache (kind of), and nginx baffles me. Anyway… Let’s say that vhost management in apache is full of silent and deadly pitfalls. It took me 4h to realize that www.krugazor.eu and krugazor.eu didn’t actually point to the same thing. I will skip talking about LetsEncrypt for now, as I have many things to say about it, mostly positive, but the initialization process was painful, to say the least, although not all of their making. So, instead of ranting now because I haven’t slept much, I’ll save it for later.

I may go into specific details later, but suffice it to say that those were 24h full of “fun”. Yes, even though it prevented me from having a good night sleep, even though I have lost some hair, it is quite an intellectual challenge, and while the whole voodoo-vs-science tinkering reminds me a lot of programming, it feels good to “mentally masturbate” (as some of my friends call it) about a different topic.

I especially wanted to highlight the overwhelmingly positive factor that is Hover, which is just plain awesome. Their interface is clean and clear. Their rates are a steal. And the support I got for helping me with the DNS migration was just jaw dropping fantastic. A fella named Marty picked up the phone at 8:15 his time (.eu domains are ‘tricky’ to transfer), and while he was a thorough professional, the conversation felt no different than with any other of my geek friends, exchanging local news and anecdotes. 12h later that ‘tricky’ process was done and dusted, with a 20 minutes enjoyable phone call, and 4 emails. If that’s not a fantastic customer service, I don’t know what is.

As a conclusion, I will just say that if you find that some services and/or pages are broken, drop me a line!

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