[Highlight] 2.0 in the pipes

It’s been a long time coming. Between my projects with quite in depth dives in BTLE and CoreData (and the various more “classic” iOS development shenanigans) and the fact precious few volunteered to beta test HLT2, I didn’t have much time for getting that release up to publishing standards.

It is now a done deal and the 2.0 version has been submitted to the App Store.

New goodies include one of the top demands for that app, text input. Historically, my main concern about text input had been the potential clunkiness of dealing with a UI that would make sense in a totally mouse-oriented application. I found a solution that seems to be a good compromise : any double click on the screen will bring up a text input bubble (with the color of the pen it will use as a border, because, well, I’m forgetful sometimes). You can obviously setup the font you want to use in the preferences.

The main problem with that, though, had to be technical : NSPopover doesn’t work well at all with multiple screens (radar submitted), so I had to make my own, based on some existing code, but still mostly debugged line by line to work as intended.

Anyway, it works. It’s one of these “it looks easier than it is” things to implement, but it’s there.

Thanks to the bug reporting tool, and kind users sending me emails, I also managed to fix various issues with multiple screens, and laptops, as the dynamic nature of what a screen is wasn’t factored in properly. It now is.

And finally, the old method for global system shortcuts was wonky under more recent releases of the OS, so that had to be redone as well.

Anyway, I’m glad I finally managed to push it out and keep my fingers crossed for the validation by Apple. Hopefully, the 2.0 release of highlight will hit the store in a few days.

Keep sending me feedback, as it motivates me to inject new things in that project! And thanks a lot for making this app a bigger success than I hoped for!


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