This project is not secret anymore…

For years now I have been using RT (from bestpractical) to track bugs/issues/ideas with my various projects. I like the simplicity of it, and I like the fact that it’s email- and web- editable. With the huge number of things I had to track, and their somewhat urgent nature, I used the mail to keep track of it, through folders and suchlike. But the sheer number of systems and issues made that quite difficult to follow.

My two current project both involve heavy web interaction, so I figured an iPhone front end for RT would not be that difficult to make. It was and it wasn’t, but I’m starting to get results.

Right now, the application is in its last stages of development, early stage of usable beta.


  • multiple instances tracking (servers or vhosts)
  • full support in reading the tickets (with attachments, links, etc) insofar as the iPhone can handle the file types
  • searching, sorting, categories and queues are easily accessible
  • partial edition support (adding a comment, changing status, queue, due date etc…)
  • new ticket creation
  • calendar view for due dates

Known bugs:
A few crashes due to CoreData not being thread safe
A few unknowable states in the sync engine

The application will be on the AppStore next month, hopefully.

Feel free to comment or ask questions here or via email!



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