Spoiled Kid

So, here I am in Spain, near Barcelona. Life’s pretty good down there. The weather is sunnier if not a lot warmer than Paris, and, provided you have good intel, food and drink is aplenty.

And this could be the end of this story, right? Enjoy the week, you lucky devil!

Except it’s hard to get an Internet access, even if I’m ready to pay for it: 3G works (for a substantial fee, as apple puts it), but no wifi, except in homes. And the ISPs don’t have any plan to let me use my frickin iPhone as a modem (even at a fee).

So here I am: connected but busy during the day, and roaming (in every sense of the term) at night.

I am a spoiled kid. I want a comfortable Internet access from everywhere on this goddam planet, even if I choose not to use it!


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