Kafka Had It Right

For people who like a twisty and completely unbelievable — and nevertheless absolutely true, I can prove it — story:

Last saturday, I got my credit card stolen. Between that time and the moment I could reach my bank to cancel the card, the thieves managed to empty my bank account to the very last cent.

On sunday, I manage to get a hold of someone in the banking system telling me they can’t do anything, including releasing confidential information such as my credit card number (no… I don’t have it… it’s printed on the CARD!) until I give them a copy of my police complaint.

I therefore go to the police, who tell me I can’t file a complaint till I have the credit card number and the offending operations on my account.

Sunday being sunday, and banks taking their time, the update of my bank statements cannot be complete before… Tuesday morning.

No problem… I don’t have a credit card, and even if I had one, I had nothing on my bank account to spend. But some things you cannot rush.

Tuesday morning, I go to the bank, get my bank statement, sweet talk someone into giving me my credit card number (apparently they are not allowed to do that), and go file a police complaint.

Armed with that piece of paper, I file the complaint with the bank, so that the insurance can kick in. Of course, no one’s making any promises as to delays.

Now, fast forward to Thursday. No worries, everything is supposedly going smoothly, all I can now do is wait for someone to take a decision, an action, or hopefully both.

And… I got a letter from the bank. I open it up expectantly, hoping for some good news.

It’s a sharp reminder that I am not allowed to have negative funds on my account and that I have to fill it up quickly, or some legal action will be taken.

That kind of a week…



  1. Funniest is that you got stolen your credit card the day ATM inventor died. I think you are kind of… connected to “the building” :)

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