The Culinary Experiment of the Day

Here’s the thing: I had to free some space in my fridge, and I had a few leftovers (a quarter of pount of bits of steak, half an onion, etc…)

Therefore, the experiment began:
let the meat marinate in a concoction made of half a glass of wine, 1 glass of water and a drop of vinegar for an hour.
heat up a pan, cut the onion, take the meat out of the marinade. It must be hot, but not TOO hot. We don’t want to singe the meat and make the onions caramelize
put everything in the pan, let it cook by turning often till all the meat is “done” (you can’t see any red, anymore)
Put the marinade in, as well as some cream
Let it simmer a little bit
If the sauce doesn’t go creamy fast enough, put some maizena or some flour in. Just a pinch, mind we are not making a cake here.
Add a little bit of teriyaki sauce, just a drop, as well.
Taste often, turn often.

Serve with some rice, pasta or anything that doesn’t have a strong taste.


The result is interestingly good!


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