Crunching Numbers

I like numbers. They say counter-intuitive things, sometimes.

Since I had to get the g5 back in shape and experiment a little bit with various systems, I timed some significant delays (for me). Of course, everything that follows is highly subjective and the causes are multiple and not always obvious, but it’s the mean value of 10 tests and here goes:

In the left corner, the veteran from mid 2004, G5 dual processor (2.0Ghz), 2GB of RAM and its original SATA 150GB disk.
In the right corner, the late 2008 challenger, Core2 Duo 2.4Ghz, 4GB of RAM, and a sweet 250GB drive.

• First test: Boot time (from off to having the menu bar complete after the login — gotta stop somewhere!)

G5 – 10.4.11 : 40s
G5 – 10.5.8 : 1m30s
MB – 10.5.8 : 2m10s
MB – 10.6.2 : 1m45s


• Second test: Launching Illustrator CS3 (from clean start to the wizard screen being usable)

G5 – 10.4.11 : 17s
G5 – 10.5.8 : 15s
MB – 10.5.8 : 9s
MB – 10.6.2 : 12s

• Third test: Opening a 1000+ code file (.m) using the “edit” command from TextWrangler in the terminal

G5 – 10.4.11 : 12s
G5 – 10.5.8 : 15s
MB – 10.5.8 : 7s
MB – 10.6.2 : 12s

• Opening the mkv for the movie “Orange”, made with Blender, in Quicktime with Perian (till it’s completely loaded, from a network server in 100BT)

G5 – 10.4.11 :  37s
G5 – 10.5.8 : 37s
MB – 10.5.8 : 20s
MB – 10.6.2 : 20s

Overall I thing I was right to be stubborn and restore my G5 to its trusty 10.4.11 and that it’s a good machine to have around, even though there’s less and less universal binaries out there…

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