Parking Ticket in NYC? Priceless.

OK, so I happen to have a Mastercard. You know, the whole “priceless” line of ads?

With my Mastercard, I booked a flight, rented a car, and spent a night in NYC. I had a ticket there because I parked illegally by one minute. I WANT to pay the ticket, but I can’t. Turns out my card gets refused by the system they have over there because the ZIP code is not in the US.

Let me repeat that: I can’t pay my parking ticket because I’m a foreigner.

Now, where it gets tricky is if I don’t pay the ticket, next time I enter the country, there’s a good chance that they will refuse my visa because of that unpaid ticket.

The only alternative is going back there and pay it in person. If I leave the country I’ll never be able to do that.

Am I the only one to find that Kafkaian? Please advise in the comments.


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