Yes, I *am* stubborn

It so happens that I have a netbsd router. The system has been fine tuned gradually and working beautifully since 2002. But now that I start running into some problems that can’t be easily fixed on such an antiquated system, I have decided it’s time to upgrade the system to a more recent version.

Now the problem is the CD distribution of these new versions can’t handle my old hardware (which works fine, thanks for asking), so I have to rebuild a custom version.

Once everything is ready on the configuration side, you are supposed to build 3 things in sequence:
– the tools
– the kernel
– the userland

I go for the first step… 6h later the tools are ready. 6… hours… Then second step, 5h as well… But that way I could test the kernel worked. Of course, I had to shut every non-vital system off so that I have a bit more ram… the system was crippled for a whole day. But I am stubborn, and I wanted it done on the same machine, in case there are cross-compiling related issues.

Then I brace for step 3. 28h later, the system runs out of disk space. So I clean the mess up a little. and scrape an extra 4 hours of compile time before it runs out of space again.

Having spent something like 3 days on that, I decide to take a shot at cross compiling on my macbook. 10m later I have the tools. 5m more and I have the kernel. I started the step 3 about 1h ago, and I’m already 1/5 done.

OK, I am impressed.


The system is back up at full strength. It was tricky for a second as some userland features scares the beegees out of me, saying they would delete my finely tuned settings, but it turned out OK in the end. I love NetBSD.



  1. lol….. who cares? jk jk but really, more like 6 days straight. no eating or sleeping.

  2. you should change your little symbol next to “Jack of Trades in Wunderworld” to #660099

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