Status update

I realized recently that my blog had been suspended (for dubious reasons) but that’s not the reason why I haven’t been publishing much, of late.

The end of the semester at school, the massive amount of projects on the table and my grasshopper behavior have all played a part in this estrangement.

But there is a major factor that also kind of takes you away from the pleasure of writing long winded articles on a blog, and it has two declinations: micro-blogging and status updates.

Twitter and other services similar to this one provide you with an easy way to tell the world what’s going on in your life, in small increments. Once you have stated your intent of doing that, then updated the status as you moved forward, it takes a lot of energy to go back to the whole thing and write a meaningful and comprehensive entry about it.

For instance, the end of school wasn’t what I wanted it to be, at all. Now that I’ve said that, I could dwelve on it, and maybe I will over the next few weeks or so, but it’s so much easier to leave it at that, and expect people who want to know more to just ASK.

Micro-blogging reintroduced something that was missing from blogs lately, especially on renowned ones: back and forth communication. It puts everyone on the more or less same footing again. Comments (when they are on, which is less frequent than it should be, mainly because comments are not as good as they should be – I’m looking at you, f*****g spammers) are sometimes interesting, but the signal/noise ratio is not good.

However, there’s a certain pleasure derived from writing a long and hopefully meaningful blog entry that micro blogging and status updates can’t begin to emulate: taking a step back and thinking things through.

I intend on doing that every now and then, knowing full well that the tools to write a blog entry are more cumbersome and less readily available when you are on the road than Twitter or facebook or the rest of them.

In the meantime, rest assured that coding and travelling still make for a really fun life and that I will come up with some midly interesting stuff as soon as a couple of project finally come to fruition. With any luck, I will have awesome news fairly soon and be able to resume some of the funniest parts of my job, including ranting and sharing some of my dreams here.


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