codesign & certificate issues

I have spent the better part of the day trying to compile my application to run on the iPod Touch.

For everyone it seems rather simple and straightforward. For some reason on the past 4 projects I’ve done, I had huge certificate issues. Sometimes it would work… and then stop altogether.

If you see that error in your build log:

Codesign error: no certificate for identifier “iPhone Developer” was found in your keychain

First step, don’t listen to your friends and co-workers and the like. Reinstalling the OS does nothing. Reimporting the certificates either. Reinstalling Xcode doesn’t help.

Changing the name of the code signing identity doesn’t change much either. If you can see the name of your provisionning certificate in the popup menu of the build settings, then it’s all good from a general perspective.

After much tinkering around, I tracked the problem to a keychain error.

And TADAAAAA: Go to Keychain Access -> Preferences -> Certificates and deactivate both automatic checking gizmos.

Quit Xcode, relaunch. It worked for me. Instantly.

The build process should ask you for a password. It is, after all, a private key that’s used to sign the app. If that happens, you’re out of the woods. If not, drop me an email, I know the system fairly well, now ;)



  1. Hi!

    Where should exactly I check the provisioning?, I mean “CodeSign error: no certificate found in keychain for code signing identity ‘iPhone Developer’ Build failed (1 error)”

    Thanks a lot for your help.

  2. You can find the provisionning info at two different locations :
    – Project settings
    – Target settings
    Either works once you have the provisionning certificates in your keychain. You’ll need to add the WWDR root certificate first, then your own private certificate (the one you generate when you setup your iPHone developer account), and finally you’ll need to add the device certificates in your organizer (the xcode window where you can see the connected devices)

  3. got the same problem.
    But i realized that the private key with the Cert. in the keychain is missing.
    there is no line under cert to expand?!
    how can i create a private key to the certificate

  4. Hi Nic

    could not find in dev portal a key generating process…
    The Cert process sent me to keychain assistant, but i tried it sev times from keychain cert assistant. it ran through CSR but no keys appeared.

  5. yes, exactly.
    i did the same process for Cert > Distribution, and it worked fine. In keychain i can find now in Categorie > cert >
    iphone distribution: (name) and below in a expandable line the privat key.

    any idea how to add a private key to the development certificate? Looks like i have to delete the suspected cert and redo the process for Cert > Development

  6. I did have the same problem. The one with the “no certificate for identifier “iPhone Developer” was found in your keychain”, I switched the preferences->certificates->deactivate switches and got the error “CSSMERR_TP_NOT_TRUSTED” I’m not sure which of the two error messages I like more. Please help, I really would like to move beyond this point. Thanks.

  7. That error looks like there’s a problem with the third party check. I suppose you have tried to replace the WWDR cert by the latest one from apple’s website?
    How long have you had that cert? Maybe some update along the way has invalidated it.
    Have you tried re-downloading and replacing the system certs and your own with some recent ones?

  8. Thanks! Turning off the settings in Keychain worked for me. Apple needs to work on their support/instructions for this. They don’t even have a troubleshooting page, they just like eveything will magically work. Not a good first exposure to the iPhone dev experience.

  9. Nicolas Zinovieff you SAVED me! Thank you. It was such a simple fix I can’t believe I didn’t download it after staring at the Program Portal for so long. I saw your comment and the light bulb went off, I immediately knew i had my answer.

    Thanks mate.

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