It’s been a long couple of weeks…

Last week (up until yesterday, that is), Paris held a huge show devoted to… students. How to become one, how to stop being one, what to do with it, where to go, etc… And I was in the crash team for computers (although sometimes lightning, sound, walls and doors also happened to be my problem).

Just imagine cramming a quarter of million of people in a building. Now imagine these people (of all ages and sizes) playing with the displayed computers. I imagine you get the picture. Well, you’re wrong. It went very very smoothly. That’s because we suffered a lot through setup :)

My blisters have blisters. Leopard 10.5.0 (requirement from the upper echelons) proved to be as stable as an ice cube on a stream. We spent a lot of time fishing for the keys of the anti-theft devices. But apart from patrolling and the occasional update for the crashed computers, it was a stroll in the park.

I say stroll, but because the public transportation was on strike, I should say forced march. I lost count after my 50th kilometer. But that was the only painful thing.

Keep that in mind. Plan first, and plan well. You might get bored afterwards, but at least you’re safe.

[UPDATE] Pictchoors!



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