Today’s Bill-Question

[photopress:bill_question.jpg,thumb,pp_image] Does anyone know why pedestrian kits are only useful for people in their cars?

That’s where you’re wrong Bill. Pedestrians use them all the time. Not in the usual fashion though.

Why do people want to use pedestrian kits (aka “hands-free”)? You might think it’s to liberate your hands from the labor of handling the phone. Not so for pedestrians (who have plenty of available hands)! It’s to keep your hands busy.

You use one hand to hold the phone, and one hand for the kit. If it has a wire and a mike on the cord, then hold the mike to your mouth. That way, you look like a dangerous spy. If it’s wireless, then hold it with your hand on the ear, while maintaining the phone on the other one. You’ll get stereo calls!


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