The Virginia Tech Massacre

Such things should be completely alien in a modern world. Yet, here we are : in a reasonably developed country, 32 people have been shot on a university campus.

Even though I didn’t know these people, I guess it’s fair to say that anyone with a tiny piece of heart left grieves from this massacre.

School should be a refuge from the outside world, somewhere safe where you can learn how to handle the complexities of our lives. Once we are as ready as we can get, we go and face the harsh reality.

It’s not the first of these events, but I do sincerely hope it is the last. Many people try to put the blame on something, be it the lack of security on the campus (it’s been said before, but how can anyone prepare for something like this?), the bad integration of the students, who harbor resentment, or simple lunacy. There is no way it can be that simple.

What then? I don’t know… Competitiveness within schools makes sure there is a bit of resentment, but we can’t afford to say that everyone gets the same grades. Maybe we can’t solve this. But I’m sure that even if students who don’t have top grades feel welcomed and encouraged, as should be, instead of segregated, there should be an improvement. At least, we could maybe find out about lunatics, as opposed to just distressed students…


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