The Phone Call of Death

Following up to my follow-up, something really weird happened to me. Since I had no news, I decided to call, so that I had at least the pleasure to have some news from somebody alive.

I call just after lunch. The phone rings several times before someone answers. I ask for the person I am supposed to deal with. She answers that’s her, thank you very much. I then tell her my name…

Here starts one of the weirdest audio track I have ever heard, something like “Alien” meets “Gremlins”, the woman apparently busy coughing out her lungs and intestine on the carpet. It lasts at least 2 minutes before I manage to say “are you all right?”. She asks for 5 minutes and says she will call me back.

It’s been 2h, and she doesn’t answer to the phone, even if the call is from her colleagues. I guess it could be a hoax, but the pains I heard were impressive nonetheless, and I hope no-one is desperate enough to go through such an act just to avoid talking to me…

[UPDATE] Looks like the woman is ok after all… Maybe it was just a shock, she called me a few hours later to apologize.


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