[Side Note] Lost Magic

My Nintendo DS Lite is a real life saver. I spend hours in public transportation, and eat through books like crazy. The console doesn’t stop, and I have a few games that keep me entertained at all times. One of them is called “Lost Magic”.

As everyone who has read Terry Pratchett’s novels, or is a somewhat heroic-fantasy reader, or plays to RPGs (any Whitewolf fan out there?), knows, magic has to be difficult to perform. Everyone, faced to a seemingly effortless feat with great results, believes that if magic existed it would make problems go away. However, when you think about it, magic is either illusion, or some kind of will to change reality. In both cases, it drains a lot of energy and concentration.

The makers of Lost Magic agree with that philosophy. They state that if we lived in a world where magic existed, it would have to be hard to master. Since it’s a game, they are not allowed to hurt us anywhere else but to the brain. And they do. Casting a magic spell requires dexterity and speed, as you are supposed to draw as fast and accurately as possible “runes”, or mystic drawings. The faster and the better you draw it, the more perfect the spell. Neat, huh?

Most of the people who reviewed this game were saying that it might be too difficult a game, since it’s very easy to loose, and very hard to master the spells. Well, that’s the whole point isn’t it? Or do gamers wish to win by magic ((bad) pun intended)? All in all, I’m frustrated, yes, and it’s hard to master, yes, but who said that mastering something as powerful as this should be easy?

I’m hooked, and until these entries start writing themselves automagically, or I’m finished with the game, I guess it will be pretty quiet around here… ;)

[UPDATE] For those who wonder what the game looks like, check out this link


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