Followup on the Big Company Thing

Earlier, I posted something about the inertia of the Big Companies. It was not completely innocent, as I am in such a situation on a regular basis.

Back in November 2006, I wrote a small app for a big company. It was a “If you accept this mission, you have 3 days to complete it” kind of thing. The mission was successful, and resulted only in minor abrasions of the scalp, and a slight hallucinatory state due to sleep deprivation.

As of today, I have still to see the payment. It’s duly written, I have a confirmation, and everything, but since then, the Finance dept. is a complete black hole: nothing escapes it, not even some information in response to my mails. As you can imagine, I am quite pissed about it.

Since I know a number of people working there, I asked everybody to check this out for me. Turns out the result was pretty nebular for them too… For a while, I thought we were in a standard procedure time, usually 30 days… 60 days later, I still have no intel on what’s going on. And then I got a mail from a particularly nosy person.

According to him, no one knows which department should be paying the bill. So they sit down until someone confesses. How can anybody do business like that? I mean, when I get something from a store, there could be heavy repercussions if I don’t pay (it’s called robbery, burglary, or shoplifting). When I use a piece of software I didn’t pay, ditto (piracy is baaaaaad). How could anyone believe that it doesn’t apply to bigger companies?

If I were in the USA, I have no doubt many people would say to sue. Here on the Old Continent, it’s not completely natural to go to trial over such matters, even though I will consider it, should there not be any other option left. Today is the last day I wait without doing anything. Should I disappear brutally, you would know how some people do business over here ;-)



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