(Un)Lucky Deliveries

There is no such thing as luck. I don’t believe that some people are able to have an influence on really random events in their favor. I really don’t I swear.

However, I never ever get my way with deliveries. Or queues, for that matter. If there are two queues, your best bet is to wait where I’m not. I’m not kidding, there could be a queue three times as big as the one I’m in, it’s still going to go faster than my own.

As for deliveries, well, I have a track record. The first thing I got delivered was a flat panel Apple screen. Just when the 17 inches came out. The delivery man came to the building I lived in, ringed, and since I was not answering and he couldn’t shove it in the mailbox, he left it in the hallway. Kindly enough, he put a stickie on it with my name. Imagine the hallway of a parisian building, with roughly 100 apartments, and without digicode. And now put a shiny white box, with a picture of the display on it, and my name on a note. Thankfully, a neighbor took it and gave it to me when I came back home.

Another time, a customer had to send me a prototype so that I can write the driver. He paid a hand-to-hand delivery guy to give it to me. It was rather urgent, I had a couple of weeks or something to finish the product. After a couple of days I called, and the customer said the guy had an accident and completely destroyed both his bike and the prototype.

Then, there is the time when I ordered my powerbook. I took 3 weeks between the email saying it was dispatched for delivery and the actual unwrapping. Apparently, the case made 4 or 5 times the trip around Europe before getting to me.

And now this… I ordered a present for my girlfriend. I paid extra to get it delivered on time. The package shipped, I had a tracking number that showed the package was delivered two days before it was sent. That’s got to be the most efficient delivery ever! Finally, it arrived today (4 days after due date) because:

  • we were not there (hell! we’ve waited most of the day, I had to invent excuses not to go elsewhere)
  • there was no mailbox available for the receipt (this is the only building without a digicode access! Dammit!)
  • the superintendent was not available (I went to his house 5 times that day!)

I don’t believe in luck. But then how can I explain all these problems? Well, I do believe in paranoia and conspiracies!




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