To be, or not to be… Santa

Here we go! We still have more than a month before Christmas, but people are already thinking about it, you see commercials on TV, and the “great deals! 30% uptick in prices” fill out my mailbox.

Clients talk about what they’re going to buy to the kids/wives/mistresses, and ask me for advice. They also ask me what I’m going to buy…
Usually, this period of time is the worst to get paid when you are indie or a small company : it is the end of the quarter (we gotta make plenty o’money or the shareholders will have our heads…), they give extra money to their employees for their Christmas (it will be difficult to pay you and them all, you know…), or they just want to wait for the year’s budget to pass (there will be plenty of money then…).

I have to choose whom I want to be Santa for… my clients, or my parents and friends.


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