Dawn tests

Last week, a good friend of mine lent me his 70-200 Canon USM objective. I needed to take some pictures of the show, and, whereas crowd shots ought to be taken in wide angle, some “safari” shots are better with a good teleobjective.

This morning, aching from my tiring week, I woke up with an urge to test the objective and my stapled hand.

To get the thing in had, I shot some masonry : a church tower right in front of my balcony, and this sad-looking crumbling mansion. The dawn here is pretty blue-grey, hence the “flat” color range.

Shooting defenseless buildings holds little appeal with a telephoto lens, since you can pretty much get them whenever you want. I took some time to freeze my feet, and lo and behold! a flock of ravens took over the sky. I managed to get one of them while it was landing on a tree. Unfortunately, over such distance, the focus tends to stick to what moves little : the roof…

Finally, since it was overcast, I decided that the whole shooting-facing-the-sun-is-bad thing had to go, and found my flock where I hoped. I like this shot a lot.


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