During some bookshelf-moving-around, I stumbled upon an old negative roll. Since I don’t have many, I was immediately curious. From what I saw at first glance, they were from a Distant Past : 1989 or 1990. I guess it was me taking the pictures, but I also figure on a couple of these old Fuji 200 asa rolls.

I didn’t have (and don’t remember having, which means it has been lost a long time ago) the positives, so I took it to a development station near my place. Out of 24, they only got 18 or so, the rest being “too bad to justify the paper”. Unfortunately, most of the pictures I got were about home shots, featuring my parents and brother.

Donkey Kong

For those who wonder, this is me, in our old apartment, playing Donkey Kong or somesuch (yes, I was a geek).

They are cute in a sepia kind of way, and most definitely worth the paper but the ones that intrigued me most were (of course) the ones I didn’t get.

So, I just asked a friend who has a negative scanner (But you won’t get much out of it, negative scans are usually a little blurry) to scan them for me.

Surprise! The “missing” pictures are actually from a trip I made with my class, when they decided to teach us how to sail. Just imagine a bunch of 8 years old kids together for 3 weeks, “learning their lessons” in the evening and sailing all day long in small one-person boats. For some reason, I remember both phases very clearly, the biology class based on the things we fished from the sea, and the thrill of being alone to manoeuver a boat far from the shore (“far” being relative, when you are 8 years old).

I took only 4 pictures of this trip, because when you are that young, you just know you will never forget. So the pictures are more like “action shots” than “memory shots”, but they are all very badly damaged. I guess they were not good to start with, but the scratches and color deterioration are also a legacy from the past.

Out of 4, there is only one where you can actually see some people, albeit a little blurry : my Buddies from that era. We sailed together, went to school together, and usually lived close to each other. I’m pretty sure that we swore an oath of friendship too, some kind of “till death” thing.


Sigh I think I still know most of the first names involved here, but family names? Time flies, children friendships vanish, and if we don’t magically stumble upon a lost fraction of data, so does the memory.


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