First class of the year

Here we go for another year full of students! The two topics for the 2006-2007 sessions are Object Programming Techniques in Java, and Embedded programming, in Java as well.

My first batch of students are in their last year (the french system is fairly complicated for foreigners, but basically, we are supposed to go through the high-school end exam – called the Bac – at 18, and we count from the aforesaid Bac on), Bac+5 level. They are specialized in embedded systems, with a good electronics background. The aim of this session is to make them understand that on top of hardware, there usually is software, and that embedded means… well constraits.

They were shocked, awed, and a little afraid, to learn that this class is taught in english. My english is fairly good, I hope, but french people tend to get shy very quickly with foreign languages. From school, we learn grammar, not how to talk… So if you english-speaking people out there ever visit France, don’t be surprised at the reluctance. It’s not they don’t want to talk, it’s just that they feel out of their depth with english. Talk with the hands, if need arises :D

So, 2h of Java later, they seemed okay. No one had fallen asleep, and I can’t say I had seen a lot of people doing crosswords. Either I am getting lousier at spotting slackers, or I actually get less every year!

Embedded Java is not the funniest thing to do in the best of times, so I can understand that these classes that range from highly abstract to awfullly pragmatic can be a little disappointing. It will get better once we get to the hands-on sessions, I promise!


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