Highlight 1.0

Sometimes, someone asks me if an application for doing such and such actually exists. If it doesn’t, then they taunt me into making it.

This is the case with Highlight. Arnaud contacted me, asking if I had any on-screen drawin application, a simple one, just to make demos. I had already thought about it, since my teaching activities sometimes involve showing live stuff to the students, but I never actually took the time to make one myself.

After a quick chicken dare (and I quote: “The Nicolas I know would make it in less than an hour, so why doesn’t it exist already?”), I took some time to look into it and it was actually pretty quick to code. An hour later, I had the first beta ready for Arnaud, and a day or so later (after receiving some feedback), I had a working and (hopefully) bug-free software to release. So here is Highlight, the magic pen!

Highlight icon

Quote from Versiontracker:

Highlight is a tool designed with teachers and demos in mind : it helps you attracting the attention of your audience on what happens on the screen. It is designed to be as unobtrusive and simple as possible, while letting you express your communicating skills efficiently.

End quote

In essence, it’s an invisible sheet sitting on top of your screen that lets you draw… well whatever you might want to draw. It had a pretty decent feedback from users.

I just love this screenshot, so I’ll put it here:

Applesfera shot
This is taken from Applesfera

[UPDATE] Someone asked me to put highlight on a magazine CD. Whoohoo!


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